Here’s Why the 2021 Genesis GV80 Is a Serious Luxury SUV Contender 

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The 2021 Genesis GV80 is a new luxury SUV -- and today I'm reviewing the GV80. I'm going to review the 2021 GV80, show you all the quirks and features of the Genesis GV80, and then I'm going to drive the new GV80 and let you know what I think of it on the road.
Genesis G80 Review: lvlocal.info/down/video/jH2rx3ZvlqqAbok.html
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17 nov 2020






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P. Hightower
P. Hightower Pirms Stundas
Good review but this car is a snooze fest.
위도연 Pirms 3 Stundām
I don’t know for the US but in korea g80 sport is going to come out
B King
B King Pirms 5 Stundām
with that price, this car really wins....
Joachim Yzekiel Ventenilla
Doug’s mama: OMG! Doug is speaking his first words! Baby doug: Th-Thi-Thi-THIS
Andy Park
Andy Park Pirms 8 Stundām
What about the special lights? :o
The Steak Connoisseur
The Steak Connoisseur Pirms 9 Stundām
mikethemaga Pirms 9 Stundām
Hey Doug, have you put any thought to doing a video on the new turbo mazda 3? Id love to see one! Could be pretty quirkey
d D
d D Pirms 9 Stundām
Can it cruise at 90 mph on highway?
S R Pirms 10 Stundām
Get Palisade SEL with Bench Seat + All Available Options if you need a 3rd row for family trip. THE BEST SUV you can have for family trips.
Vonnie Hudson
Vonnie Hudson Pirms 12 Stundām
Favorite: Watching Doug squeeze into the back row.
Meelz Pirms 12 Stundām
I don't see why anyone would buy this. Overpriced and in the end it's still a Hyundai lol
Z06ified Pirms 13 Stundām
That’s some generous scoring for a Hyundai. Over $60k for an interior that was partially phoned in by the designers, and only 2 points below an Escalade Platinum? Really?
kevin tillack
kevin tillack Pirms 14 Stundām
Kinda looks like the bentley suv lol
fuax hzu
fuax hzu Pirms 15 Stundām
When genesis started making luxury cars, people said “it’s just a Hyundai.” Now you better buy one while you can. They’re going to be very expensive in the upcoming years 😍👍
Azifmikayre Gard
Azifmikayre Gard Pirms 15 Stundām
Its actually a really nice ride.
Kenan Kagan
Kenan Kagan Pirms 17 Stundām
over and over 2:50 over and over he found it! he's the happiest big kid around
Nana Sarpong
Nana Sarpong Pirms 17 Stundām
4:02 is not entirely true. It can turn when parking to avoid obstacles. lvlocal.info/down/video/aaGaloODhqp3no0.html&ab_channel=GenesisUSA
John Giannattasio
John Giannattasio Pirms 17 Stundām
You have to really want this and will have to keep it for a while. In 3or4 years it will drop over 40 percent in value. So that you understand.
Tahir Pirms 17 Stundām
Genesis is way beyond all asian lux. Even Volvo. EU has more tech and some useless items. Genesis is best value. My unprofessional opinion. 🤷🏽‍♂️
GPU2 Pirms 18 Stundām
I imagine those preloaded nature sounds are for when you’re trying to get your toddler to sleep or stay asleep
Michael Dinwiddy
Michael Dinwiddy Pirms 19 Stundām
Always look forward to the Doug score.. such a fair mark.
you should be afraid of the living, not the dead.
This car is designed for woman
Dell Clouds
Dell Clouds Pirms 20 Stundām
Kinda Ugly
Jani Beg
Jani Beg Pirms 20 Stundām
an older crowd can blow $75,000+ for a SUV.
Nemesis Pirms 21 Stundas
So it's an LUV, not an SUV?
Abelardo Castro
Abelardo Castro Pirms 21 Stundas
Dont like your rating, why
Aeyez Al Mohairbi
Aeyez Al Mohairbi Pirms 21 Stundas
You didn't mention the depreciation ranking compered to leading cars. As I would like to invest in one but not sure how strong the resale value? Please help in this Metter using your expertise.
Ricardo Caceres
Ricardo Caceres Pirms 22 Stundām
Toyota sequoia can on the third row
Varun Sambi
Varun Sambi Pirms 22 Stundām
It’s a life size GTA car 😆
OnlyUs HotBoys
OnlyUs HotBoys Pirms 22 Stundām
There is charging port in the third row left side 8:34 mark of video...🤔
Teddy Henriquez
Teddy Henriquez Pirms dienas
"This" Vehicle Screams "Opulence" from any angle you see it!!!!!!
Murray Sampson
Murray Sampson Pirms dienas
I think this is the best looking suv I’ve ever seen.
bongpal Pirms dienas
Don't buy this. I am Korean. In my country, Hyundai have sold GV80 since this January, and there were a lot of issues. For example, a transmission was on " D ", but a car moved backward. This problem was introduced on the News and many Internet medias. Look at these Korean articles. Use google translate. www.motorgraph.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=25179 www.autoview.co.kr/content/article.asp?num_code=69894 and this is a video about the problem. lvlocal.info/down/video/kGqvsZ1ucIhrjoU.html There was a problem on diesel engine. Diesel models were impossible to drive because of excessive trembling of the engine. Hyundai announced that it is because of "carbon accumulation", but these engines are new engines. This is nonsense. Hyundai stopped producing diesel model few month, but they restarted to produce since this August. Recently, GV80 was recalled in Korea because of defect of a senser, which measures amount of remaning fuel. This is serious defect, since a car might be stopped on the road because you may think a car have enough fuel, but actually it is not. Never buy this car. I would rather buy Lexus or geman cars.
I_Choose_You Pirms dienas
It’s weird because IMO even though it’s a brand new model, the side profile makes it looks like a outgoing model. However for the price it offers some cool tech.
Daved Nealy
Daved Nealy Pirms dienas
Oh how I lust for that white CLS Shooting Brake during the Cars&Bids plug
NasirPremier Pirms dienas
I can’t wait to purchase this car in 5 years!
Lukeson Pirms dienas
13:10 crazy to think that analog Gage clusters are considered "old school" now. kinda sad actally.
Aussie 아빠 in Korea
I think the scoring for this car and the G80 was a little low from you Doug.
p k
p k Pirms dienas
At 9:00 minute you can CLEARLY see the 12V CHARGING POINT for the 3rd row man??? Stick a double USB in it and job done...
Brian Suarez
Brian Suarez Pirms dienas
YOUR DOUG SCORES is 3-10millions ALWAYS 🤣😂
P C Pirms dienas
Been waiting for this one!
Jeff Choi
Jeff Choi Pirms dienas
6:28 yes you have seen a car with the third row seat control button even at the lower price point than the gv80. The PALISADE!
Sicebi Mthethwa
Sicebi Mthethwa Pirms dienas
Nice-ish car. Horrible naming.
Kyle Michot
Kyle Michot Pirms dienas
If they decide to make a GV90, hopefully they’ll give the option for the 5.0 liter V8.
Brett Crawford
Brett Crawford Pirms dienas
This steering wheel is almost a deal breaker. What the fuck were they thinking? Everything else looks ACE for the pricepoint!
Bon Koo
Bon Koo Pirms dienas
So how much is that?
joeschmo Mofo
joeschmo Mofo Pirms dienas
They’re still a Hyundai... with lipstick. Garbage
xplmr1 Pirms dienas
Our 2013 Sequoia has power recline 3rd row seats that are accessible from the 3rd row passengers.
Miner10000 Pirms dienas
There is no charging ports in the 3rd row? I thought I saw a 12v cigarette lighter in the back... 9:00
Aj Scott
Aj Scott Pirms dienas
the Chrysler Pacifica third row can be power recline like thIs
tomcat8662 Pirms dienas
I thought Genesis was a model of Hyundai. I didn’t know it was a brand
Javier Pirms dienas
that interior is SO clean, really nice job
cootholler22 Pirms dienas
The Honda Accord and other models had the blind spot camera feature back in 2014 and up, though I believe they abandoned it on recent models.
Raul Araujo
Raul Araujo Pirms dienas
Cool features, but it looks absolutely gross. I stick with the Germans. 🇩🇪
Edysin Simon
Edysin Simon Pirms dienas
Finially, a automaker that builds something many auto makers fail to recognize.
LALIT PRASHER Pirms dienas
Hyundai soon will be next big game changer in SUV market
Oliver Stemp
Oliver Stemp Pirms dienas
GV80 is a horrible name, they should have used a different way to link the SUVs to the sedans
D- Sean
D- Sean Pirms dienas
Gv70 will be even better. There no reason to pay 20k more for the other brands "Genesis GV70 2021 officially revealed the exterior and interior" lvlocal.info/down/video/rIaXzolwoKOWbZs.html
Greg Cooley
Greg Cooley Pirms dienas
What about auto driving features? Does it drive on the highway by itself pretty much?
KPA78 Pirms dienas
I imagine the review score would be significantly higher if this was the Range Rover GV80. Brand bias.
Kevin W
Kevin W Pirms dienas
This is a really horrible color
Paul Ho
Paul Ho Pirms dienas
Never understood how those coat hooks are supposed to work, it could never get a hanger on and if you're hanging it by the collar, you might as well just throw it on the seat. Everyone should've adopted the trick backrest mounted one from the Infiniti EX35 by now.
Jesus Pirms dienas
7:15 all gangster till you think your in a bmw and you want to recline your seats, then you get squashed
Youtuber Nerd
Youtuber Nerd Pirms dienas
That CLS at the beginning is gorgeous. I hope he'll review it someday.
M. Pirms dienas
Quirks and features!
IamtheBluefox Pirms dienas
Wanna come to Georgia and review my car? $49000 car... Ford Fusion Plug-in Hybrid Titanium 109 mpgs It's the quietest vehicle I've ever been in. Even quieter than the $80,000 Genesis cars I've driven.
Leon Kuenzler
Leon Kuenzler Pirms dienas
I just can’t see the luxury aspect
John Smith
John Smith Pirms dienas
The dreaded 4cly turbo. They just don't last.
MondVogel Pirms dienas
i totally believe that sounds of nature can be very very soothing. but the split gage cluster is really just dumb, especially since it impedes the blind spot feature so much. Also, can we stop calling Acura a luxury brand? i would say these days are long gone
Park Flask
Park Flask Pirms dienas
I really recommend GV80 not because I am Korean. I'm on the GV80 on a pre-X5 model, driving, interior, exterior, all in a style that has never been before, and I understand what a new luxury really is really new luxury.
Sergiu Covalciuc
Sergiu Covalciuc Pirms 2 dienām
Blah blah blah... How does it drive? Is it soft? Is it quiet? How are the suspensions? When you test drive a car, I want to hear about the ride quality not some thoughts about the brand. Disappointed!
KPA78 Pirms dienas
You've come to the wrong auto reviewer. This is all about the 'cool' stuff and performance-not an actual review of luxury but one with definite brand bias.
alan hu
alan hu Pirms 2 dienām
im sorry Doug but that overdesigned luxury SUV wont age well.
Allison S
Allison S Pirms 2 dienām
Crappy American cars from the 70's? The most luxurious Cadillacs all had that single spoke (or double, depending on your POV) steering wheel design, which was the style across many manufacturers.
georgelovecar Pirms 2 dienām
OMFG how did you get that CLS Shooting Break into the US??? When will you be releasing the video?
Nizar D.
Nizar D. Pirms 2 dienām
Power 3rd row seats ... LR Discovery has had this since 2016.
Super Kyle
Super Kyle Pirms 2 dienām
I would love to have a one spoke steering wheel, I want to hold the very bottom of the wheel and can't because my car has a spoke there.
Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss Pirms 2 dienām
You are a damn good sales man. You are talking about this car as you want to buy it immediately. I want it now, too. Damn good SUV.
Leroy Mentor
Leroy Mentor Pirms 2 dienām
Whoever complained there's too much buttons must get a hiding 😒
Junior Sylvester
Junior Sylvester Pirms 2 dienām
Handsome car
Derek Johnson
Derek Johnson Pirms 2 dienām
Power operated seats backs on my 2018 Chrysler Pacifica.
M Zaid
M Zaid Pirms 2 dienām
Its funny he pronouns the name "Hyundai" 😂😂its true americans cant speak proper english
알린 Pirms 2 dienām
ZOO MO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DJ Goulding
DJ Goulding Pirms 2 dienām
In the UK, an xc90 starts at £50k, this genesis should be cheaper if we get it. It's way better looking than all the SUV's on sale in the UK including the Q8 Bentley.
ruled by Saturn
ruled by Saturn Pirms 2 dienām
So it moves by a press of the button on the remote. So what?, it's a huge pile of crap just like everything else.
Vio SeVen
Vio SeVen Pirms 2 dienām
That steering wheel is a deal killer
Johnlim Male
Johnlim Male Pirms 2 dienām
Korean !! Lets Go Samsung LG Hyundai Kia Genesis
francis chacko
francis chacko Pirms 2 dienām
This car looks old
Alexey Poleff
Alexey Poleff Pirms 2 dienām
Nice color
ALsRig Pirms 2 dienām
0:31 Still waiting for the Mercedes CLS 63 AMG Review
The Knights who say Ni!
The Knights who say Ni! Pirms 2 dienām
Here is what Hyundai and Kia are doing in Korea. No recalls for defective cars until the government gets involved (usually after a child dies). The customer service basically saying 'bite me' to people who had their car engine turn off in middle of the highway multiple times. """fixing""" their car without owner's knowledge then threatening the owner if he wont take the car back cause he/she doesn't trust it. Scolding the customer (while slamming the table) to just take the car and its the customer's fault. Sued some youtube channel for exposing the faults. I am not buying their cars. Even if I had the money.
대딱 Pirms 2 dienām
I'm korean and your comment is real. So I decided to.buy 520d
Aditya Dewan
Aditya Dewan Pirms 2 dienām
this car is perfect PERIOD
TimmyP1955 Pirms 2 dienām
The third row has a 12V port, which with an adapter is a charge port for phones. Don't care for the big chrome side trim, or super-wide info screen.
CJ Pirms 2 dienām
The taillights are so ugly. Just like Hyundai Palisades sister the Kia Telluride which also has ugly Taillights. The Palisade is by far better looking then the Genesis SUV and the Telluride.
Jash Modi
Jash Modi Pirms 2 dienām
Damn that remote control 🔥😂 Too helpful for the ones who cant park 😉😅
sean c
sean c Pirms 2 dienām
Lever,Dial same guy
Yusi Liu
Yusi Liu Pirms 2 dienām
Don’t see no luxury in this car. Still a crappy car with fancy interior. What a rip-off. Also, it’s just a Hyundai ...
MYBDoz M111
MYBDoz M111 Pirms 2 dienām
Doug, if Im interested in quiet, luxury, and smoothness of ride. Which would you say is a better choice: Genesis GV 80, or Cadillac Escallade ESV?
Eulytaur Pirms 2 dienām
Those are two completely different segments. The GV80 is midsize, competing with the XT6. The Escalade is full-size, and the GV90 that would compete isn't out yet
saurabh mhatre
saurabh mhatre Pirms 2 dienām
This car is amazing. The features, functionality and performance at the price point is amazing. I can see whinners saying it is Hyundai! Well it is and it is doing amazing job to put the bigwigs to shame.
Eugene C.
Eugene C. Pirms 2 dienām
There was a charge point on the driver side by the air vent, in the third row seat.
Andrew Brink
Andrew Brink Pirms 2 dienām
The 2008 Chrysler Town and Country Limited trim had power third row seat backs. The Genesis isn’t special lol
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