Here's Why the Bugatti Chiron Is Worth $3 Million 

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The Bugatti Chiron is the fastest, most powerful sports car on sale. The Chiron is also the most expensive, at $3 million. Today I'm reviewing a Bugatti Chiron and I'm showing you all the quirks and features of the 2018 Bugatti Chiron.
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19 jūn 2018






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Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro Pirms 2 Gadiem
Point of clarification: The Koenigsegg Agera RS is the fastest overall production car, but it's no longer in production, so the Chiron is the fastest production car you can buy new. However, if any of you would like to lend me a Koenigsegg Agera RS, I'd be happy to test it anyway. ;-)
Stuff___ Idontknow
Stuff___ Idontknow Pirms 13 dienām
Now it's the ssc tuatara
kfccarrasco Pirms 23 dienām
Yo mama
the Best there Is
the Best there Is Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
I have a Koenigsegg Agera RS I could lend you...... It’s a toy model car version though 🙃
Finn McGuire
Finn McGuire Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
Gabe Gamer
Gabe Gamer Pirms 3 Mēnešiem
Wow so the koenisegg fanboys complained so much you had to say this
G L W P Pirms 2 Stundām
hell of a car great review
Zay Mac
Zay Mac Pirms 6 Stundām
Arshan Juned
Arshan Juned Pirms 7 Stundām
I got one too it's in 1/24 scale
Joel Laurin
Joel Laurin Pirms 8 Stundām
azguitar Pirms 13 Stundām
This is why modern, 1000cc sportbikes are so addicting! Just a flick of the wrist and 100 mph arrives in a few seconds.
Bald Ponyta
Bald Ponyta Pirms 14 Stundām
I want my sentra's seats to say "Doug". My name's Tom but idc
Ahmed Bakr
Ahmed Bakr Pirms 21 Stundas
Your face expression when you almost got busted is hilarious 😆
Free Peace Sweet.
Free Peace Sweet. Pirms dienas
Another funny quirk is that with the Chiron the petrol has to go in the oil cap side and the oil in the petrol cap side. It's just the French expressing themselves in their funny French way.
Krish Vaidya
Krish Vaidya Pirms dienas
the mostshitties and overhyped car ever made I would personally choose a mclaren p1 LM spyder
brian belton
brian belton Pirms 2 dienām
DRIIIIIIIIVE IT! I give up. He's gonna whack for an hour. Done out.. phuk
brian belton
brian belton Pirms 2 dienām
brian belton
brian belton Pirms 2 dienām
WHEN does the driving start??? wtf.. . . . ..
Alexander Corral Ignatyev
Martin DeBrois
Martin DeBrois Pirms 3 dienām
Um, yeah ..... It's not. They break.
Yasin Styl3r
Yasin Styl3r Pirms 4 dienām
Doug is that kinda guy who puts a seatbelt on even tho he sits in the back of the car
J C Pirms 3 dienām
Like every sane person do you mean ? You think you cant get hurt because you're on the back seat lmao ?
Steven Greenberg
Steven Greenberg Pirms 4 dienām
Wouldnt bye one. Dont like them. I would rather bye a aston martin. F,TYPE JAG,RS2000 ESCORT. and use whats left over to put a better engin in the RS2000. But thats just me
Doodles Pirms 5 dienām
Y has this guy whose been given one of the nicest looking and most spectacular cars currently out chosen to make his video in front of a cordoned off water front-- go figure
Doug Wright
Doug Wright Pirms 5 dienām
No car is worth that much i don't care how nice is is
Firefighter Tributes133
Firefighter Tributes133 Pirms 5 dienām
Forget that, I’d get me a variety of Hellcats,demons,or some SRT ‘s
demarcus b moss
demarcus b moss Pirms 5 dienām
Bugatti Chiron: fastest production car Forza horizon 4: “I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that”
TheBoss 4107
TheBoss 4107 Pirms 4 dienām
Copied comment
Ronnie Jr
Ronnie Jr Pirms 6 dienām
I could probably afford the gas in the gas tank
C. Lassen
C. Lassen Pirms 6 dienām
breathtakingly beautiful car :-) LOVE the look
GoldenAye Pirms 6 dienām
But can you drive in lift mode on bad roads where you want clearance not to damage the under plate
Jacek Pirms 7 dienām
AndersonJackies RandallFernando
I could’ve bought one but it’s way too loud so I bought a leaf.
Somebody in the west
Somebody in the west Pirms 7 dienām
Can we take a moment to appreciate how good Doug's audio quality has gotten throughout these 2 years
Robert Bosire
Robert Bosire Pirms 7 dienām
Powerful machines lvlocal.info/down/video/n5mfzqFka32unXk.html
Ivan Huang
Ivan Huang Pirms 7 dienām
Con: the Tesla is faster at 0 -60 which beats the Bugatti 0 - 60 time
Mo Ali
Mo Ali Pirms dienas
Lol nobody cares about 0 to 60 when it comes to this type of vehicle when this rolls up no one will look twice at that plastic pos Tesla in the real world this car would chew a Tesla that acceleration is a gimmick from standstill,rolling the tesla gets eaten by alot of standard supercars
Abel Pepin
Abel Pepin Pirms 7 dienām
Doug DeMuro: HOW DARE LEXUS PUT A NORMAL SPEEDOMETER IN THIS $90,000 SUV INSTEAD OF A DIGITAL ONE 😤. Doug DeMuro now: so bugatti has a normal speedometer in their over $3 million dollar chiron whatever let's not even mention it. 🤣🤣🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Stop reading the comments
THIS is how many times Doug demuro said this is 👇
Bomb plushie productions 567
Guys this car ain real
Screeb Pirms 8 dienām
Some people say a tuned demon can beat one of these. But tune the chiron as well, I think I know where I'm putting my money. Too bad you cant.
James McDonald
James McDonald Pirms 9 dienām
nice car but not worth 3 million
Mark TRUMP2020
Mark TRUMP2020 Pirms 9 dienām
Have to admit. These cars are BAD ASS. So cool
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh Pirms 9 dienām
Reliability was a deal breaker for me so I went with 94 Toyota Celica
Decepticon Stinger
Decepticon Stinger Pirms 9 dienām
Well now he’s just reviewed the Divo...
ya'll scare me
ya'll scare me Pirms 9 dienām
Doug, you have no sense of value if you think that's worth 3 million. Or you just plain got money to burn.
Brad Williams
Brad Williams Pirms 9 dienām
Perhaps the perfect car.
Anobel Khoushabeh
Anobel Khoushabeh Pirms 10 dienām
for a 3 million dollar car, the interior looks really tacky lol.
baddie78 Pirms 10 dienām
Are you related to Jay Reno? You two have some striking similarities, besides the love of automobiles. You better do your lineage or candidly ask your mom. I mean no harm or malice, just weird curiosity.
yeet y?
yeet y? Pirms 10 dienām
Doug swore 😱
yeet y?
yeet y? Pirms 10 dienām
I love the way all the cyclists don't care about it
MidNiGht LiOn
MidNiGht LiOn Pirms 11 dienām
There's no infotainment system 😔😔
sam banks
sam banks Pirms 11 dienām
So You Spend 2.9 Million Dollars And Will Never Go Up 250 Mph Doug You Really Do Talk Shit Sometimes..
ShachinTheGamer Pirms 11 dienām
I live in Toronto haha
Fahad Almathkour
Fahad Almathkour Pirms 11 dienām
One day man, one fucking day
Steven Isaacs
Steven Isaacs Pirms 11 dienām
I wanna take the engine and do a crazy swap
killerpanda27 Pirms 12 dienām
XZ3RVSHTKY Pirms 12 dienām
The money from my pocket and my bank account are suddenly gone while I was watching this video
Journey Porter
Journey Porter Pirms 12 dienām
Was gonna buy one yesterday, saw there was no aux available, so I bought a Kia instead 😪
Marcus Wright
Marcus Wright Pirms 13 dienām
It's just lacks so much practicality. Like how does a car not have a cup holder or blind spot detection.
Marcus Wright
Marcus Wright Pirms 13 dienām
Those headlights are seizure inducing for real
antonia milton
antonia milton Pirms 13 dienām
3 million for a push has cap? 🤣
meh. just buy a model s plaid....
AleJd GAllubja
AleJd GAllubja Pirms 13 dienām
It isnt worth 3 million , it costs 3 million . Worth maybe 300k
Double Tap
Double Tap Pirms 13 dienām
The lady on the bicycle had no idea!
Ale Ayala
Ale Ayala Pirms 14 dienām
Just go to the airport and test drive it there. Always works for me in gta
Titan Redeemer27
Titan Redeemer27 Pirms 14 dienām
Dreaklock Pirms 14 dienām
Top Speed of 260? But we've seen this car go 304mph.
Thicx dude
Thicx dude Pirms 15 dienām
Doug reviewing a 3million dollar car wearing a 3 dollar walmart shirt. What a legend
Ian Holt
Ian Holt Pirms 15 dienām
If I get stabbed in that car they won't find enough evidence
Marc Herrera
Marc Herrera Pirms 16 dienām
It's ugly as shit
Marc Herrera
Marc Herrera Pirms 11 dienām
@Bob Just because you have money it does’t mean you have taste
Bob Pirms 12 dienām
All your comments are hate. Dw you can’t even afford to buy any of these cars for your mom so it’s ok broke boy
O.G Gods
O.G Gods Pirms 17 dienām
I bought a buggati chiron....... toy car
White Pirms 17 dienām
Man I'd be dead so quickly if I owned one of these
YT Team
YT Team Pirms 17 dienām
Tesla has entered the chat Bugatti:😶😶
FROZEN EGGY Pirms 17 dienām
Not only build for speed but build for luxury
Nicolas Gomez
Nicolas Gomez Pirms 17 dienām
imagine the dude in the gas station filling the oil compartment with gasoline.....
Shawn Dollarz
Shawn Dollarz Pirms 18 dienām
That's true
Ayan Shah
Ayan Shah Pirms 18 dienām
I bought one but when I went to buy it the name of the dealer was Honda when I saw the car i bought the car was named civic
ARYAN KAUSHIK D MB11589 Pirms 18 dienām
most people hate bugatti cuz they dont have the money to afford.it is the king of hypercars
joshua eliakim
joshua eliakim Pirms 18 dienām
Artem Maiorov
Artem Maiorov Pirms 18 dienām
At least my VW has some dashboard icons common to Chiron's, and a few buttons as well!
22 Pirms 18 dienām
Or....... You could feed a small 3rd World Country.
G-Man Pirms 19 dienām
do you think the 10k miles the car had before doug drove it was just from those 200 Launch Control tests they did? It can't be right
Blyat Man
Blyat Man Pirms 19 dienām
Bugatti: We heard you like carbon fiber, so we put carbon fiber in the carbon fiber
Luke Evatt
Luke Evatt Pirms 20 dienām
Imagine watching this to find out how to use your Chiron
Kate Marsh
Kate Marsh Pirms 21 dienas
Why can't auto manufacturers just implement an upgradable infotainment system. It would allow them to offer upgrades later on down the road which would not only offer more features and better tech but it would put more money into their pockets. They used to do this before the modern infotainment systems came about and I just do not get why not a single one has put the effort into it
Luka i Boki Boskovski
Luka i Boki Boskovski Pirms 21 dienas
Damn, stop pronouncing Chiron like that hahahah damn!!!!
R.D. Pirms 21 dienas
Just give every single car to Doug that you let him review
RixyZ Pirms 22 dienām
Imagine the amount of bitches you’d pull
Kyle Graeme
Kyle Graeme Pirms 22 dienām
Miggy Aviles
Miggy Aviles Pirms 23 dienām
In Racing hotter brakes are better thou.
DJ Statyk
DJ Statyk Pirms 23 dienām
15:43 When she shows you her tits.
Axis Power Diesel
Axis Power Diesel Pirms 23 dienām
Tire Inflator Kit
Goratch the mule
Goratch the mule Pirms 23 dienām
Would go with any Koenigsegg over this
well i play assoluto racing
Americans: 3 Million Dollars Wow Indonesian: 10 Million Dollars REALLY???!!!! Fun Fact: In Indonesia the Tax can be 3× The Price of the car
DJ Statyk
DJ Statyk Pirms 23 dienām
How the FUCK is that even manageable?! Ok, i don't know what Indonesia looks like. Any American would just be like "It's a shit hole, USA!!!!!" >:( No, for real, i want to know. Is it like Dubai? Is it one of those places where they are tight jam packed with like 9 people on one scooter? (I find ANY place to be fun no matter what. Except snow. Fuck snow). I'm genuinely interested. I'm going to google and watch some youtube videos from indonesia. In the mean time, if you have any experience from there, i would love to know.
Jim Watts
Jim Watts Pirms 25 dienām
Darinaland Pirms 25 dienām
I want to tell you the body shrunk that’s a really weird name on this car because he is wrong I do like it I saw on the out of the car they have a red letter
Chase Nelson
Chase Nelson Pirms 26 dienām
This car is stupid tbh
Altagracia Marte
Altagracia Marte Pirms 26 dienām
I had to turn down this gift unfortunately!!!!!!!!
Patrick de Haan
Patrick de Haan Pirms 27 dienām
This guy really annoys me for some reason
Miles Moshier
Miles Moshier Pirms 27 dienām
wow my dragster is faster
Miles Moshier
Miles Moshier Pirms 27 dienām
And 3500 hp
Ken Bob
Ken Bob Pirms 27 dienām
One day at Bugatti... "Should we put in an emergency trunk release handle?" "Nah, we're only charging $3,000,000.00. Let's instead put in a crappy impractical divider to inconvenience the owner."
Aidan Mousavi
Aidan Mousavi Pirms 18 dienām
It was to save weight i think
nettik123 Pirms 21 dienas
Most people are gonna remove it, when they got the car anyway
Nolan Is Innocent
Nolan Is Innocent Pirms 27 dienām
"Put extra glass for sound" "The glass is interfering with cell reception" "We'll connect the phone through the car's antenna" Etc 3 million dollars later....
Nolan Is Innocent
Nolan Is Innocent Pirms 27 dienām
Timeless?? Like those Dodge Caravan seat belt buckles??
Nolan Is Innocent
Nolan Is Innocent Pirms 27 dienām
Only in North America.. Where the chances of you getting stuffed in your own trunck are so high.....
Bollock Johnson
Bollock Johnson Pirms 28 dienām
Why am I watching a video about a Bugatti Chiron I don't live near a road...
zhi xiao
zhi xiao Pirms 28 dienām
这个车在我们中国很贵, 因为税收,在你们国外就很便宜吧?
Igor Jarota
Igor Jarota Pirms 28 dienām
imagine if you get an opportunity like this, and you accidentally fill up oil tank with fuel