The 2020 Audi RSQ8 Is a $140,000 Super SUV 

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The 2020 Audi RSQ8 is an excellent luxury performance SUV. Today I'm reviewing the RSQ8 to show you what makes it special -- and why it's worth a look. I'm also driving the RSQ8 on the road to show you what it's like behind the wheel.
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25 jūn 2020






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CagedBirds Ent
CagedBirds Ent Pirms 18 Stundām
It's nice but the front end is screaming Q5. It needs a bigger face
johnsax1445 Pirms dienas
Not worth the money, for the life of me, I don’t understand their appeal. Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, the new Genesis, but Audi? B-o-r-I-n-g 🥱
Jermaine Brown
Jermaine Brown Pirms 2 dienām
For $140K inside is quite messy n dusty 😂😂 reminds u its still just an automobile whether u pay $40k or 140k
Nguyen Huy
Nguyen Huy Pirms 3 dienām
A natureza é maravilhosa
WIDE AWAKE Pirms 3 dienām
Chipped Audi Q8 would've been much higher than 335 horses
Mario Super
Mario Super Pirms 4 dienām
Seriously underscored.
Alexandria Molina
Alexandria Molina Pirms 4 dienām
0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!
Petronela Pirms 4 dienām
I don’t really like this review.. it seems like this guys sits first time in Audi 😆
Evolution Pirms 5 dienām
OK pls send me that Audi RSQ8......
Centurion G4
Centurion G4 Pirms 5 dienām
Comments on 2021 Tahoe costing $70,000: Too much plastic!!!! Comments on 2020 RSQ8 costing $140,000: ....
abdul rahim rahim
abdul rahim rahim Pirms 6 dienām
1:11 love this momment
Lotto Rich
Lotto Rich Pirms 7 dienām
The double window controls in the backseat aren't to control both windows. One is for a window shade and the other is for the actual window.
Mohd Hijaz
Mohd Hijaz Pirms 8 dienām
I seen it onetime at Costco parking lot and I stopped and kept looking at it. It will get your attention
Marwan Alneaimi
Marwan Alneaimi Pirms 8 dienām
I would love when you move on to drive the car the cam facing front showing the steering wheel .. i think too many will love that and your channel is awesome thanks and keep up
Sheehan Roy
Sheehan Roy Pirms 9 dienām
I have the Audi Q5 but when I test drove this it felt similar
tark yasser
tark yasser Pirms 10 dienām
1:02 what is it?
eshita patel
eshita patel Pirms 10 dienām
I think i just felt in love
AggiePride4life Pirms 12 dienām
This car just screams you can’t afford a Urus!
Snowcrash Son
Snowcrash Son Pirms 13 dienām
Look at it this way: just an Urus or the RSQ8 and A cayman GT4 on top
maria kileen
maria kileen Pirms 13 dienām
A hundred forty grand plus ➕ another a hundred forty grand for future maintenance and when it breaks equals 280,000 grand! 🤣
AdamR Pirms 16 dienām
My 500 pool light bulb does better dance.
Nidhil Joshi
Nidhil Joshi Pirms 17 dienām
The interior of lincoln is unbeatable..!
edu chemmes
edu chemmes Pirms 18 dienām
0:53 Love this moment
Stephan Lazarz
Stephan Lazarz Pirms 19 dienām
Jeremiah Lyman
Jeremiah Lyman Pirms 21 dienas
GooooooooooD Job
Arya kumar
Arya kumar Pirms 23 dienām
doug is fascinated by the rs logo , we r fascinated by the bargain
Karim Salloum
Karim Salloum Pirms 23 dienām
Can't wait to cop one in 5 years for 40 grand.
Grzegorz Tlusciak
Grzegorz Tlusciak Pirms 23 dienām
ah, that dust and greasy fingerprints - they really give that premium and luxurious look...
78mfleet Pirms 24 dienām
Gee too bad the gv80 is a better buy for 70 grand🤣🤣🤣
Yuh its me
Yuh its me Pirms 24 dienām
Are we we going to ignore the fact that Doug is wearing two shirts?
ace jojo
ace jojo Pirms 24 dienām
Nice shirt, Crab cakes and football 🏈 that’s what Maryland does!
alwaleedi alshehree
alwaleedi alshehree Pirms 25 dienām
1:25 So funny
HÙßØT Archundia
HÙßØT Archundia Pirms 25 dienām
GooooooooooD Job
7 LAYERS ! Pirms 26 dienām
Most supercars your just paying for the name
Prathima Ravi
Prathima Ravi Pirms 27 dienām
My car costs as much as this things brakes
Dr.HazeBlaze Pirms 27 dienām
The amount of dust and finger prints on that screen really makes me not like modern cars lol.
Dr.HazeBlaze Pirms 25 dienām
Seby Floristean and then 5min later you need to re-wipe, I personally don’t like these new infotainment systems, gimme a banging Pioneer or whatever head unit, few decent speakers, and bluetooth, you dont need all that fancy bullshit
Seby Floristean
Seby Floristean Pirms 25 dienām
You get a fiber cloth Just wipe it and it's done boy
yommie orex
yommie orex Pirms 27 dienām
1:02 what is it?
NHero Pirms 28 dienām
Doug, you should do a video of just the categories and which cars got a 10 out of 10 in said category.
ryan589 Pirms 29 dienām
Ehh ... I’ll take two performance Tesla Model Ys for that price. Both would be faster...
Kachongui Kach
Kachongui Kach Pirms 29 dienām
Piano black should be banned from the entire car industry.
Leon Maliniak
Leon Maliniak Pirms 29 dienām
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Jon Lister
Jon Lister Pirms Mēneša
Dude... you rating system pretty much demonstrates your lack of knowledge on cars. 8/10 on power and 7/10 on handling. This SUV that does 0-60 in 3.8 seconds and is the fastest SUV to do the Nurburgring. Get a clue man....
JOJO Pirms Mēneša
0:56, what car is this?
Nikhil Shinde
Nikhil Shinde Pirms Mēneša
My dream car Audi RS Q8
Eric Ptacek
Eric Ptacek Pirms 29 dienām
my dream car: Bmw x6m
Charles Hermetix
Charles Hermetix Pirms Mēneša
Germans think of everything..they even put a lil table for lines of coke on the backseat armrest😂
Robert Maki
Robert Maki Pirms Mēneša
I’d still rather drive a pickup
Sweet Ezzy
Sweet Ezzy Pirms Mēneša
Great information on this video mate👍. When it comes to Forex trading, I always recommend newbies to Mrs Victoria since I started trade with her , I've not had a loss due to the signals she uses during trade. You can reach her for help..
Sweet Ezzy
Sweet Ezzy Pirms Mēneša
What’s App or Telegram..
Sweet Ezzy
Sweet Ezzy Pirms Mēneša
+ 1 3 2 1 2 3 4 7 6 1 9
Steven Specht
Steven Specht Pirms Mēneša
ugh want.
Khal Drogo
Khal Drogo Pirms Mēneša
Kash Sattar
Kash Sattar Pirms Mēneša
Audi miss a great opportunity to put aRSe on the actual seat
Jalen Pittman
Jalen Pittman Pirms Mēneša
Doug doubled up the shirts on this one.
Kwame Ameyaw
Kwame Ameyaw Pirms Mēneša
I’m in love with this SUV
Christopher Keller
Christopher Keller Pirms Mēneša
Doug talks like Dave Chappelle when he impersonates white people.
Minh Quang
Minh Quang Pirms Mēneša
0:31 name of the car please
PantherZL1 Pirms Mēneša
Missed opportunity they should have called it XLR8 get it because its like a big r8 🤣 i guess u can say accelerate 🤷🏿‍♂️
Corpsey Fan
Corpsey Fan Pirms Mēneša
OUR ASS 6:09
Tony Pate
Tony Pate Pirms Mēneša
INCOMING !!! Das Audi Auto SKF Q8 Barbarossa edition ......With new from ze bunker "Trumpets of Jericho" frontal warning system .....News on Das Neu MK XXVII Kettenkrad half/trike expected soon now a final soluti....sorry "fix" for the auto turn right ...far far right stomp over Poland on way to old mother Russia glitch....the team behind it and Das Audi Auto A2 taken from ze bunker and shot....Doug's got the very head for this wagon ...cubed ..and bigger by the day..stage 2 EHS ? ..and still puts out the er ...Quality auto uploads bravo Doug may them waving arms and shouting like a 6 year old in a sweet shop ....sorry candy store have many more years on Tubes of You hole of rabbits...before that final giant head pop.
Boemeler Bottomlifewarrior
Luis Silva
Luis Silva Pirms Mēneša
Safe and sound
420BudNuggets Pirms Mēneša
Mujahid Umar
Mujahid Umar Pirms Mēneša
Take a shot for evertime he says "RSQ8"
John Techwriter
John Techwriter Pirms Mēneša
Does nobody else find this thing to be unspeakably vulgar, purchased by the kind of person who flaunts his trust fund money while so many are struggling just to get by?
Mr. Rana
Mr. Rana Pirms Mēneša
Audi always come up with greatest Alloys design. Still can not be comparable to Rolls Royce but damn hats off to Designer. 😍
Steve Jovan
Steve Jovan Pirms Mēneša
Why buy this when you can buy a Cayenne for the money? Mind you these is all from the same VW group so you are getting much of the same technology and platform.
Masa Pirms Mēneša
Rip bmw and merseges bentd
Juan Bolanos
Juan Bolanos Pirms Mēneša
Aggh this trend I dont like. Touch screens are cool but is just looks too dirty and all the fingerprints gives a cheap feeling to the car I wish they will make a matte screen and add a few buttoms it won't kill anybody.
Leon Maliniak
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Jaguar Hellcat
Jaguar Hellcat Pirms Mēneša
Frankly, i find the RSQ8 more aesthetically pleasing. I guess i just saved myself $150,000 lol
Cigaret THR
Cigaret THR Pirms Mēneša
Wag group is shit , Tesla is best now
Dash Pirms Mēneša
Doug for God sakes what are you wearing two t-shirts? Do you sweat alot? Wear black!
Triton h
Triton h Pirms Mēneša
Can X5m beat it
Alex Mendoza
Alex Mendoza Pirms Mēneša
Honestly I’d rather get this than the urus n dump 20k in mods to be equivalently fast or maybe just a tad bit more than the Urus.🤔🤔
Alex Mendoza
Alex Mendoza Pirms Mēneša
ECU tune, upgraded exhaust, upgraded air intake, etc...
Arsenal Pro Audio
Arsenal Pro Audio Pirms Mēneša
Ok. What would you get done to it?
Saif Ahmed
Saif Ahmed Pirms Mēneša
This car is a Lamborghini urus wearing a suit.
Bossally Pirms Mēneša
Who tf buying this lol
Mickey Pirms Mēneša
Genesis GV80 is way better than this all over fingerprints car
midicronica Pirms Mēneša
Imo, looks better than the Urus.
Milton Sequeira
Milton Sequeira Pirms Mēneša
You’re simply the Best Car Reviewer in the Industry. Admire the topics you cover 👍🏻
Tristan Kelly
Tristan Kelly Pirms Mēneša
New 2020 Audi RSQ8
yeni alfonso
yeni alfonso Pirms Mēneša
Theres no way people are willing to pay 140k plus for that car
Metallica Fan!
Metallica Fan! Pirms Mēneša
I would buy this over an Urus.
Daniel Barker
Daniel Barker Pirms Mēneša
Did anyone else see about a hundred options you would never use?
Thuro Brown
Thuro Brown Pirms Mēneša
Bottom line: By the Audi RSQ8 instead of a Lambo Urus.
Jayden James
Jayden James Pirms Mēneša
Trump 2020
Trump 2020 Pirms Mēneša
Track hawk score 6 as well yet it’s half the price and faster
outofAlog Pirms Mēneša
Doug “ large T-shirt under a medium T-shirt” Demuro
Hiro and Zero two
Hiro and Zero two Pirms Mēneša
I have seen it before but never knew about it
Kate plus Wealth
Kate plus Wealth Pirms Mēneša
Loved your Audi RSQ8 review! Would love your opinion on the video I just posted reviewing new Audi S8. Please let me know what you think 😊 lvlocal.info/down/video/rqK3smmfa5WrZZs.html
anthony aguilar
anthony aguilar Pirms Mēneša
Yeah buy that car and watch how it's worth 10 grand in 5 years
Αναστασία Ζησάκη
Super fast tank.. 😊
Robin Vd
Robin Vd Pirms Mēneša
I saw this car parked last week. I was triggered by the rear bumper. The exhaust and air ducts are fake. And that for $140.000? Goodbye
Lushu's World
Lushu's World Pirms Mēneša
I just hate touch screens in cars
BroGad News&Reviews
BroGad News&Reviews Pirms Mēneša
D. J.
D. J. Pirms Mēneša
How much is a brake job?
Enzo Zastrow
Enzo Zastrow Pirms Mēneša
The exhaust Sound of the Export Version Is amazing in Germany our Performance Cars (Not only the RSq8) Need some Kind of stupid CO2 cleaning Units called OPF. These stupid things make our cars in Germany Sound very quiet and boring. There are also Special Police man who Control if your car Is to loud, very stupid Regulations
K B Pirms Mēneša
Did he say mid size SUV? In Europe it is a large SUV.
Cass Warner
Cass Warner Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
I saw one yesterday and almost dropped my groceries!!?
Sarkozy Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
prefer a bentayga, bit more soul
A G Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
I would just say one thing about this car. "Endless money pits !!"
blud work
blud work Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
140k? just by a taycan
NoooUGH Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
When will you learn to not put the camera right behind the car for the exhaust sound? You get a much better and natural sound of it when it's about 50ft off at an angle. Having it right up on just makes it peak the audio and it sounds really shitty.
Alejo Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
How on earth is an Audi Q8 a Midsize SUV? It’s massive!
Alejandro Gómez
Alejandro Gómez Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
I like a lot but they sealing carbon fiber like is a good material the only thing is carbon fiber is more lighter and to paid top money 💵for carbon fiber