The 2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Is the Best E-Class Ever 

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2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Review! The 2021 Mercedes E-Class is fantastic -- the best E-Class ever. Today I'm reviewing the 2021 E-Class and I'll show you all the quirks and features of the E-Class. I'm also going to drive the new 2021 E-Class and show you what it's like on the road. Check out this review of the 2021 Mercedes-Benz E450 Wagon!


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11 mai 2021






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Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro Pirms Mēneša
I've actually owned four E-Classes, not three. Oops, forgot an E-Class! That sort of happens with the E-Class. But they're still wonderful cars.
Specproof Pirms 25 dienām
@Erik Gerstenberg W124 500E (W) S210 E55 (W) S211 E63 (W) S212 E63
ldc studio
ldc studio Pirms Mēneša
@EGGBIRDTHEROOSTER i agree. i’m a mercedes-benz fan first and foremost, but that rs6 avant looks MEAN!
benson esse
benson esse Pirms Mēneša
@Hunter ppp
benson esse
benson esse Pirms Mēneša
@Hunter pp00p
benson esse
benson esse Pirms Mēneša
@Hunter p
David Priest
David Priest Pirms dienas
Very cool but the "third row" is unusable for even kids unless they are under 48 inches tall which means under 8 years old. Why not an option to ditch that back row and get a spare tire? I like road trips and you cannot get replacement run flat tires in small towns. The E class wagon is very underrated.
T L Pirms 2 dienām
I recognize the highway footage, I drive there everyday.
Zack Sherry
Zack Sherry Pirms 3 dienām
THIS... is expensive. They being said I've never been that excited about the interior of a car. Amazing everything
Purple Haze
Purple Haze Pirms 4 dienām
in europe E-class has way cheaper models, 200,220, 300.
habitatone Pirms 5 dienām
My Handsfree-record is close to 4min in my Stinger
TL Pirms 6 dienām
It's a truly awesome car. It has the handsomeness of the late 90s and early 2000s BMWs. Nice!
Vizenz121 Pirms 6 dienām
And yet the v90 even undercuts this in price. Amazing how these oem’s can price these cars this low. Technology has gotten much more affordable I guess..
Jay Mase
Jay Mase Pirms 6 dienām
I agree they agree they might be the best overall, but not in the U.S. We can't even get any diesel E-Classes here anymore. They have the full range overseas though. An awesome new car line
Joel Aquino
Joel Aquino Pirms 8 dienām
hey, Doug can you do a video about the original vw bug from the 60s-70s pretty please!!!
Juan Pablo Correia Echeverria
The E63 Wagon is probably all the car that I need.
davson ed
davson ed Pirms 11 dienām
Wake up America, your car's quality is trash
Luis S
Luis S Pirms 12 dienām
That auto drive system with touch sensitive steering wheel is legit shit.
П Ч Pirms 14 dienām
An E-class looking like that can never be the best E-class ever.
Mike Davis
Mike Davis Pirms 14 dienām
Hyundai has the same features and it is way more reliable than Mercedes. It’s on Kelly blue book $25,000 vs $45,000. With Hyundai you get a better 10 year warranty
moverecon Pirms 15 dienām
It is sold as a Plug-in hybrid many places, i am going to test drive and possibly buy an E300 e wagon next week (without the weird plastic trim)
bzdtemp Pirms 15 dienām
Here in Denmark a Merc E-class is a pretty standard taxi. It is due to our crazy car tax system.
bzdtemp Pirms 15 dienām
@David To me that has sort of ruined Mercedes for me, at times it can even be an S class that is doing Taxa service so it just make them feel not special somehow. Not bad or anything, just that is nothing special.
David Pirms 15 dienām
Standard Taxi in Germany too
Kancheeban Sivasithamparanathan
BTW what’s ur height??
Jalegend Pirms 17 dienām
European cabbies swear by the E class.
Jg235 Pirms 19 dienām
They all look alike which is so depressing, and it’s not a great look it’s a bit anonymous.
Marius G
Marius G Pirms 22 dienām
all-terrain ... I wonder how did they come up with that :))))
jspope2008 Pirms 22 dienām
Does the centre consul that creaks !
yhootoob Pirms 22 dienām
Why Doug allways looking like the C.E.O. of Hotdog Consessions at the jr. varsity hackey sack pack ?
Rob L.
Rob L. Pirms 22 dienām
For the same $, I'd rather get an X7, but that's just me.
LecoBurp Pirms 22 dienām
A.J. Green
A.J. Green Pirms 22 dienām
I can hear it now, "hey Mercedes, I'm going to the dealer for service" and she answers, "ok, are you sure you have enough money in the bank?"
Nuno Bernardo
Nuno Bernardo Pirms 23 dienām
Doug failed to say something in this video,in europe the regular e class estate still exists plus you still have the 200d, 220d, 300d, etc engines
MTB Rider
MTB Rider Pirms 23 dienām
BMW still makes the 5 Series wagon
Kung Flu Wu
Kung Flu Wu Pirms 24 dienām
Very ugly. Can’t accept this generation.
Oleg Oleg
Oleg Oleg Pirms 25 dienām
A car of this price and class should not have problems with rear passenger space.
Dziadek Pirms 25 dienām
This new fashion in cars for these plastic arches drives me nuts.
SlighceTUNES Pirms 26 dienām
Bias review. Not a practical E-Class
HeidLander Pirms 28 dienām
I think the advemt of plastic fender cladding says a lot about the silliness of the SUV market.
IKhan Pirms 28 dienām
This is one major (among many others) flaw with self driving or adaptive cruise control. The car constantly applies the brakes in heavy traffic situations (more than a regular driver would do) and eats through brake pads and rotors. I understand creature comforts in modern luxury cars but if you need this type of tech to drive then you shouldn't be on the road at all.
CA Driver
CA Driver Pirms 29 dienām
That interface puts Audi to shame.
Benny T
Benny T Pirms 29 dienām
Grandma smells, turn up the fragrance Dad!
StLaparole Pirms 29 dienām
The net is for stuff not flying arround not dogs lol.
Ramsis Pirms Mēneša
This e class is cooler then the new s klass
Wanderschlosser Pirms Mēneša
The "dog net" isn't a dog net but a safety net for freight in the boot which is piled up to the roof to prevent it flying forward when breaking hard. Every wagon should have it and almost every European wagon actually does have it.
Kurt Steinmuller
Kurt Steinmuller Pirms Mēneša
Looks like an allroad....
JukiReviews Pirms Mēneša
Base model is E 350? Here in Europe (Finland) the base model is E 200 d and it costs over 50 thousand euros.
Phillip Baggio
Phillip Baggio Pirms Mēneša
"Hey Mercedes, check out Cars & Bids!"
Aaron Poisson
Aaron Poisson Pirms Mēneša
I love the augmented reality navigation and ambient lighting! I used those features in late 2018 on a G-Class loaner whilst my then C300 was being serviced. Now I have a 2017 C43 AMG (yes we know it’s not one-man, one-engine) and the more robust MBUX and ambient lighting control is missed.
Getsu Fūma
Getsu Fūma Pirms Mēneša
The control pad is redundant AF
Ethan Wolff
Ethan Wolff Pirms Mēneša
If only Doug would review the E63S sedan... I bet it would beat the M5 in the DougScore.
RP Pirms Mēneša
Priced at 80K MB will sell exactly 3 of these, goodbye dinosaur.
Slaxl Time
Slaxl Time Pirms Mēneša
i just don't like this generation E Class styling
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk Pirms Mēneša
My 2017 tlx has touch sensitive steering come on its not a quirk
media CC
media CC Pirms Mēneša
"you know its gonna break"
media CC
media CC Pirms Mēneša
all those tech wont age well
AndersaurusR3X Pirms Mēneša
Touch buttons on steering wheels is a gimmick that needs to die sooner rather than later.
Epicon 6
Epicon 6 Pirms Mēneša
It's an off road hearse
Angie2343 Pirms Mēneša
Saying "Hey Mercedes" is like saying "Hey Jibo"...for your car. =D
S J Pirms Mēneša
I cannot believe he has not done a small research about what he seems to be so sure about: 1) all train existed before this 213 facelift and 2) NOT ALL NEW E-CLASS WAGONS ARE ALL TRAIN 🤦🏻‍♂️ -I myself own a new E 300e Wagon (213 facelift), which is NOT all train
Jaybo Tommy
Jaybo Tommy Pirms Mēneša
instead of a useless third row why not more foot space and knee room since the car in awesome inside
Mehmet Fatih Yıldırım
did they really have to do this SUV thing? Mercedes already has a lot of SUVs. I wish they left the wagons as wagons. 😐
Mehmet Fatih Yıldırım
how come you don't demonstrate how the third row folds down?! 🙁😯
kavyman1066 Pirms Mēneša
First place I would go after buying this is to a body shop to have that stupid wheel cladding and plastic on the bumpers painted colour matched. If I want a SUV/Crossover I would buy one, I like my ordinary car to look like a car. That cladding makes it look cheap and tacky!
Steelscout Pirms Mēneša
Very similar looking to my 2012 Audi A4 Avant wagon (thumbnail), nice car to be sure!
Getsuga Tenshou
Getsuga Tenshou Pirms Mēneša
Doug sits in the back seat of the latest Mercedes-Benz E-Class: "It's not tremendously uncomfortable".
Ramirez Pirms Mēneša
Dough was spot on about people who buy e class wagons
Enraged Phantom
Enraged Phantom Pirms Mēneša
I love how every video he does the cars and bids promo but it’s like a sneak peak into an upcoming video
mono Pirms Mēneša
The w212 was the best e class. The exterior design stood out from the rest unlike nowadays.
Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Pyotr Tchaikovsky Pirms Mēneša
It seems every E class you've reviewed is the "best" E class ever, wow!
Youn Gu
Youn Gu Pirms Mēneša
who does why does ever use the 3rd row on a station wagon???
eric Wilhelm
eric Wilhelm Pirms Mēneša
hey Doug , great work again !! i have to say though, having driven a 3 wagons , 2 of the 350 and the last one a 450 that we drove all the way down to Florida on I-75 LOTS of Fun !!!s. i would say especially the 450 has serious power and literally challenged and beat a few 911's and Panamera at the lights on Woodward avenue Mi. so acceleration only 6 out of 10?? we had a different experience :-) Same with handling score , i'd give it 8 on both . Great cars in general , keep up with good work Doug
Jason M
Jason M Pirms Mēneša
Looks great, aside from the Tupperware on the wheel arches.
Jon Gib
Jon Gib Pirms Mēneša
Cmon man. Stop advertising ‘cars n shits’ every dang video Dougie
53mf Pirms Mēneša
How does that not have a capless fuel filler
Nigel Moehr
Nigel Moehr Pirms Mēneša
too many adds...really annoying
jeffy210 Pirms Mēneša
Oddly annoying is the cabriolet has the old style COMAND controller rather than the updated MBUX touchpad. No clue why they did that.
Small Hats Hate The Truth
Time for a 45 second power nap
Отписан Pirms Mēneša
7:00 Instead of there being a button to activate voice controls, the media system listens to you 24/7 and compares the words you say to the controls of the media system, which can't be misused in any way at all.
Dobrin Stanev
Dobrin Stanev Pirms Mēneša
E-Class Wagon is just the best car ever
Arcadius Hakim
Arcadius Hakim Pirms Mēneša
CNC Motors, you made money on those videos. Be honest.
LEBaFEBa Pirms Mēneša
that wagon ass sheeeeeeesssshhhh
ldc studio
ldc studio Pirms Mēneša
jay leno and quentin tarantino got together, had a baby, and out popped doug demuro! car nut meets skilled storyteller-able to communicate details and nuance in interesting ways that regular cats can relate to and even be entertained by. well done on this video, doug. like you, i’ve long been a fan of the e-class estates and own both the w210 and w211 vintages of the car. appreciate the glimpse into this latest model. it’s a compelling option even if i’m not crazy about the adding the cladding.
Rui Cameira
Rui Cameira Pirms Mēneša
this is in reality the worst ever, what do they made to the mercedes in the U.S. i have E-class from the 70´s with 3.000.000 km´s and this it´s not even a real mercedes ,you don´t seem to have a clue about cars, wait a few monthes and your opinion will change, they look good ,the reason i bought one when they were new but i sold it after a year, the others in the first 20 years no problems , this the best e-class ever and you know because you had two, at the end of 7 monthes it was stoped and it was suposed to be a harder version from the regular van
Craig Calvert
Craig Calvert Pirms Mēneša
Is it the "Smartest guy in the room" syndrome that makes 'car guys' love station wagons?
Zachary Holgate
Zachary Holgate Pirms Mēneša
yes i am looking for an e class think I'll get the 2021 model and we've had over 40 Mercedes in the last 12 to 15 years and i'm only 20 for gods sake
Dean Unknown
Dean Unknown Pirms Mēneša
It's the best when it works, but in 10 years Time not so good right Doug, the technology will be a problem in time to come i imagine, i can see people owning this in 10 years and going crazy because the parts are a nigthtmare and the rich just sell this within 3 years and get another one
Tim Graf
Tim Graf Pirms Mēneša
I don’t like the amount of unpainted plastic around the car
Andrei Sevostianov
Andrei Sevostianov Pirms Mēneša
You don't need to shake the wheel in a Tesla. All you need is to scroll slightly one of those two controls on the wheel. And that will do a thing. This Mercedes system looks better though.
Coleman Zapien
Coleman Zapien Pirms Mēneša
How much money take home/yearly, have you made from your business?
Left Leg
Left Leg Pirms Mēneša
most business owners don’t see a profit till at least 5 years
Elliott Manning
Elliott Manning Pirms Mēneša
4:50 Did Doug forget about Supercruise?
Tim Brown
Tim Brown Pirms Mēneša
“ Hey Mercedes Doug DeMuro is the type of guy” Mercedes” I know he touched all my buttons”
FRL2000 Pirms Mēneša
I'm in the market for a 3rd row.car. I don't want an SUV. This all road BS is super disappointing. Also, the tech quirks and features are just annoying and superfluous. Just give me a good driving experience and a third row, apparently this now impossible in US.
Tim Pirms Mēneša
That voice system activation word is going to get annoying real fast when I have my friend Mercedes in the car lol
Henrik Mielicke
Henrik Mielicke Pirms Mēneša
Two generations prior the bar containing the dog net and load room cover was fixed to the seat back of the bigger split of the 2nd row. if you fold down all seats the net could be hooked into a second set of nooks behind the front seats to prevent any cargo sliding forward - such practiality, much wow!
Cristo Antonio Matos Rivero
Hating those SUV details.
SpaceX Tesla Roadster- Gaming and More
Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass Pirms Mēneša
best e-class ever...laughs in W123 & W124
Mansour G
Mansour G Pirms Mēneša
Boring car reviews are finally crashing on views. Doug it’s a signal go back to doing cool stuff with your cars.
Ying Kit Tham
Ying Kit Tham Pirms Mēneša
Not a fan of this all terrain thingy.
OmniMontel Pirms Mēneša
In 2002, I set my cruise control and drove hands-free from Central Colorado till I got to Ohio, I may have touched the wheel occasionally in there to take an off ramp for gas. But I really don't remember it for the most part it was completely hands-free I don't know why they are acting like this is a new idea or thing.
C'meon Pirms Mēneša
The new S and E class dont really scream mercedes, audi tailights, ulgy steering wheel, the 500 motor isnt a 500, its a 350 bi turbo.... the old generation is way better
Phil Davies
Phil Davies Pirms Mēneša
I can't get by "THIS"
Asaad Allen
Asaad Allen Pirms Mēneša
Great Video Doug! I LOVE THE E CLASS!
TheJblacc59 Pirms Mēneša
MB brought the E Class full circle went back classic and innovative at the same time..they are the best or nothing 💯🙂
Tobi Pirms Mēneša
Should have mentioned the advantages of a wagon over an SUV. It drives and handles better and it has better fuel economy.
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