The Fisker Karma Is the Craziest $40,000 Sedan You Can Buy 

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The Fisker Karma is weird -- really weird. Today I'm reviewing a Fisker Karma, and I'm going to show you around one of the weirdest, most unusual vehicles you can buy for $40,000 or less. I'm also going to take you on a full tour of the Karma, and then I'm going to drive the Fisker Karma.
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31 mar 2020






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TONEakaSHOW Pirms 4 Stundām
This is the Tom selleck of cars
Smarterthan You
Smarterthan You Pirms 2 dienām
Spill your drink all over them buttons and you are without power windows and no gears
Deez CM
Deez CM Pirms 2 dienām
I want to buy one and put a Hemi in it.
Irfan Ahmed
Irfan Ahmed Pirms 2 dienām
yougotservedyo Pirms 2 dienām
has anyone kept the electric but LS swapped the 2.0 🤣
Rscape0is0ridic6 Pirms 2 dienām
So, I’ve always wanted one. Since they came out, and I’ve always seen the price range to be amazing, but the batteries explode. If I buy one, does anyone know how they are treating the repairs??
The Green Mountain Boys
The Green Mountain Boys Pirms 2 dienām
Doug DeMuro is the type of guy to talk about the Fisker Karma
Causa Sui
Causa Sui Pirms 2 dienām
I can't get over how annoying this guy is
Foxbat Pirms 2 dienām
it was over cooked thats why it failed
GG TEKK Pirms 2 dienām
Good luck telling the cop who pull u over u need to turn the car on to get the insurance and registration outta the glove compartment
M.Streicher Pirms 2 dienām
Imagine spending $120,000 on a hybrid with low-end GM parts when you could've bought a Tesla... or 2 XD
Just Me
Just Me Pirms 2 dienām
This car is beautiful
M.Streicher Pirms 2 dienām
From the outside...
utterbullspit Pirms 3 dienām
I thought Fisker still existed as a company. Color me shocked!
Ronald Bigelow
Ronald Bigelow Pirms 4 dienām
A police patrol car has more room in the back seat.
Thomas C
Thomas C Pirms 4 dienām
The Karma is back, not to much has changed.
RedLP5000S Pirms 4 dienām
I adore the Fisker Karma. I would have it over ANY modern day EV/Hybrid. It looks sensational and as futuristic now as it was in 2012. Future collectable? ABSOLUTELY.
Quercus 53
Quercus 53 Pirms 4 dienām
Too complicated,although cool.........I see a close relationship with servicemen!
diogenes koolaid
diogenes koolaid Pirms 4 dienām
the exterior sound should definitely be the Jetsons/GTOger scooter sound.
Travis L
Travis L Pirms 5 dienām
when ellen gaave justin bieber one
techtubeB Pirms 5 dienām
Then again they really didn't think this car out through
techtubeB Pirms 5 dienām
Dude it's not all strange, it's semi futreristc
Krzysiek Z
Krzysiek Z Pirms 5 dienām
Beautyful car
BeiggoMC Pirms 5 dienām
Doug, Uusikapunki literally translates to ”new city” so for us finns its not weird at all. I can promise you there are way weirder things here :D
Kc Pirms 6 dienām
E lect tron nick really Doug
Dave Aitel
Dave Aitel Pirms 6 dienām
I've had one since the beginning. No other car turns heads like it.
Finn Sørensen
Finn Sørensen Pirms 7 dienām
You don't change the temperature! You just select what you want, and let it stay there, of course!
Damier too funny
Damier too funny Pirms 7 dienām
Guys like 6’4 and says normal
Alex Drax
Alex Drax Pirms 7 dienām
Galactico 999
Galactico 999 Pirms 7 dienām
Cnc: exists Doug: thats free real estate
Jalex 84
Jalex 84 Pirms 8 dienām
I’ve only seen two of them
SongsByVitali Pirms 8 dienām
I wonder how well they were received in Europe. Probably better than in the US. For some reason the car reminds me of Skoda with its European look.
Daniel Alejandro
Daniel Alejandro Pirms 9 dienām
Lol rookie Doug I knew it was the glove box!
sunriser2020 Pirms 9 dienām
it looks like a model 3 on roids. looks badness tbh
Brandon Hanks
Brandon Hanks Pirms 9 dienām
Where the link???
KroneYT Pirms 9 dienām
Funny thing about the exterior sound system - The Audi ETron for the 2019 and 2020 model years still have external audio systems to alert pedestrians. They legitimately sound like UFO's. It's hilarious.
KroneYT Pirms 9 dienām
That is a long ass hood for a two litre four cylinder engine.
Alan Sumrall
Alan Sumrall Pirms 9 dienām
Really not a car that you want to drive much, it is more for show, not go. Basically belongs in a museum.
kelleRTV Pirms 9 dienām
this dude talks so much, drive it DUDE
TheLorola Pirms 9 dienām
Steering wheel looks like Batman😄
Zidan Ismail
Zidan Ismail Pirms 10 dienām
Fisker got karma
Marlon Estrella
Marlon Estrella Pirms 11 dienām
T Kyson
T Kyson Pirms 12 dienām
Its like the whole car is Karma to the higher class who could afford it lol, Small space, glass, button doors, exhaust in face, batteries
Luke Vincel
Luke Vincel Pirms 12 dienām
my dad's 2010 Honda Civic Hybrid has a sat nav that doesn't use touch for the map, but it goes at at least 30 FPS, if not, 45. from 2 years prior to the karma.
mihai pascu
mihai pascu Pirms 12 dienām
Doug u f...... alien u are bizarre🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆
Ilidio Almeida
Ilidio Almeida Pirms 12 dienām
Karma sound
Sean N
Sean N Pirms 13 dienām
The logo sort of looks like Alfa Romeo
Sonic Animations
Sonic Animations Pirms 13 dienām
If it had the ever badges, it should the Fisker EVer than the Fisker Karma
Scott Hicks
Scott Hicks Pirms 13 dienām
Willfully confused by normal things...."you touch a button to open the door....CRAZY!!"
George Dantz
George Dantz Pirms 13 dienām
It's back again!😀👍
ominollo Pirms 13 dienām
Interesting Design but too many drawbacks. Cool channel!
D D Pirms 14 dienām
Can’t wait till you review the fisker ocean in two years
Anonymous Pirms 14 dienām
I think this car is cool but needs like a reboot or like an upgrade
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person Pirms 14 dienām
Hit a deer and it’s over. No repairing this jalopy.
vee wilson
vee wilson Pirms 16 dienām
Whew Lardt...too much going on there.
M Choudhury
M Choudhury Pirms 16 dienām
poor presentation, presenter talks too much
Brian Pirms 17 dienām
Saw one on a car lot today. $29,000!
Steve McCormack
Steve McCormack Pirms 17 dienām
I always though it would have been so much better if it was all electric. If I had one today that's what I would do with it. Convert it. Keep the existing battery, remove the engine and drivetrain from the front and insert some more batteries. There would even be some much needed space for a frunk with that nice long hood. The fuel tank can also go. So, with today's batteries you might make it a 150 mile range EV. Apparently it was seriously overweight.So with the drivetrain gone from the front it would just be rear wheel drive. But what was Henriq Kisker thinking of? Putting all that tech into the car and leaving no space.
Mike Allison
Mike Allison Pirms 18 dienām
Your review of the Maserati sucked. Totally biased and wrong.
Mike Allison
Mike Allison Pirms 18 dienām
To be totally honest. I rarely watch Doug's reviews. They seem opinionated and a little biased. I've seen another video where somebody figured out that Doug gets paid or sponsored more by different manufacturers and his reviews seem to reflect that
Skate Raptor 1
Skate Raptor 1 Pirms 18 dienām
I am so disappointed this was made into a sedan, an EV coupe would put this into a much less contested market and would be cooler anyway, the back seats just get in the way
Skate Raptor 1
Skate Raptor 1 Pirms 18 dienām
“We look forward to serving you in the years ahead.” Does the Karma Revero count?
D Pirms 18 dienām
Thank you Fozzie Bear ;-=)
Chris Kish
Chris Kish Pirms 19 dienām
They make scissors _and_ cars. Amazing!
John van puffelen
John van puffelen Pirms 19 dienām
Funny, I hear you complain that you can't get into the glovebox due to the electronic butten if the car break down, but I don't hear the same about the doors. For me that would be a slightly bigger issue...
How/NOT/to/do/it Pirms 20 dienām
I was in Warren Michigan about 2 years ago, staying at a hotel next to a large building that had dozens of these driving in and out. I thought they were being built there
Ricardo Ibarra
Ricardo Ibarra Pirms 21 dienas
Fisker gonna come out with a new vehicle in the coming years. The fisker ocean an suv
Mokel Pirms 21 dienas
14:13 say what?
Arijan Alili
Arijan Alili Pirms 21 dienas
Elon Musk: The Power of Karma... Fisker: ...
Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly Pirms 21 dienas
Tires don't last and are very expensive if you can find them ....
Hiberada erada
Hiberada erada Pirms 22 dienām
Tommy Pirms 22 dienām
This car is what got me into cars
Jay T
Jay T Pirms 22 dienām
Fisker has started a new company named after himself that plans to bring out an electric SUV. I wish him luck, but wonder how successful it will be. He failed once after all, and the market is far more crowded now.
Mac Thompson
Mac Thompson Pirms 22 dienām
can you do a video on the karma revero please
Raymond Fee
Raymond Fee Pirms 23 dienām
I’ll keep the $40,000
DRAGON GAMING Pirms 23 dienām
Firsker's logo looks like the AlfaRomeo loga
Lokesh Bharani
Lokesh Bharani Pirms 24 dienām
Hi Doug, once u tells let's this now Please add vedio that u sitting inside car , & driving car in front of camera Later asusual continue talking while driving car drive experience
Joseph Julian
Joseph Julian Pirms 24 dienām
Who has money in SPAQ?
Reid Evers
Reid Evers Pirms 20 dienām
👀ayo. Hope we don't get finessed
Adrian Lucero
Adrian Lucero Pirms 24 dienām
Idk but I love that glass panel look
SpykeZ0129 Pirms 24 dienām
My boss has one, sitting in our parking lot right now.
SpykeZ0129 Pirms 20 dienām
@RpM_Evan Go for it. He's got 3 Teslas (one's a roadster) so I doubt he'll miss it. We're currently converting a Delorean over into electric right now, can't wait till that projects over to see that fucker going. Just finished a Land Rover from the uh..60s?
RpM_Evan Pirms 21 dienas
Can I steal it?
Christopher Price
Christopher Price Pirms 24 dienām
This guy is annoying af. Some good points, then dwells on the stupidest insignificant shit. Jesus.
Mr. Allie
Mr. Allie Pirms 24 dienām
If the car accidentally falls into a lake or ocean even a swimming pool, electric door handles won't work. no escape, sure death.
Tomás Pirms 16 dienām
Mr. Allie
Mr. Allie Pirms 16 dienām
@Lander Pridgen lol, crazy as it sounds, it does happen. Just about anything you can think of like that, has actually happened already.
Lander Pridgen
Lander Pridgen Pirms 17 dienām
I hate it when my car accidentally falls into a swimming pool with me inside
Dezerian Pirms 18 dienām
That's why it has a manual release
Tomasz Budnik
Tomasz Budnik Pirms 24 dienām
I'm wondering how car without mechanical handles get homologation? what if car due to electrical system short circuit will stand on fire?
Vyjz Pirms 25 dienām
For anyone wondering Uusikaupunki means New City Uusi - New Kaupunki - City
BAHADIR ERCAN Pirms 25 dienām
Dali mustache :)
Noodle Train
Noodle Train Pirms 25 dienām
My mom’s 2007 Prius has a much faster gps than this. But I’m not surprised tbh
4WD MEMES Pirms 25 dienām
Anyone here from BrightSunFilms?
Tristan N
Tristan N Pirms 25 dienām
18:00 like what?
Namic Gryndhard
Namic Gryndhard Pirms 25 dienām
Hleziphi Violah Mango, neeMpundu
The designers of the karmer must be smallville fans lol
Aesma Pirms 27 dienām
In a few years this can be converted to a full electric with off the shelf batteries.
Rob Laird
Rob Laird Pirms 28 dienām
And Doug spoiled yet another car sale from CNC Motors.....
Robert Maki
Robert Maki Pirms Mēneša
That’s a beautiful car
Wais Essar
Wais Essar Pirms Mēneša
that's my dream car
Lifestyleoftrucker Pirms Mēneša
Hey cool video 👍 but have you see my video about Karma that I made ?
delco714 Pirms Mēneša
Just wait until $spaq turns to $fsr .. henrik is getting another chance. Remember he was also a consultant for Tesla, briefly. 💪
Christopher Felix
Christopher Felix Pirms Mēneša
I'd buy it for the looks, then take it to a Tesla conversion shop to make it actually function.
Stevenimich Archangel
Stevenimich Archangel Pirms Mēneša
I actually like the looks of it than the Tesla.
Sam Lutfi
Sam Lutfi Pirms Mēneša
biggest piece of shit
Gregory Tracy
Gregory Tracy Pirms Mēneša
Front looks strangely like a smiley face of sorts to me!
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