The Tesla Model Y Is the Tesla Everyone Is Waiting For 

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The Tesla Model Y is the newest Tesla -- and it's eagerly anticipated. Today I'm reviewing the Model Y, and I'm going to show you the quirks and features of the Tesla Model Y during a thorough tour of the Model Y. Then I'm driving the Tesla Model Y, and I'm going to tell you what it's like on the road.
Model 3 - lvlocal.info/down/video/q5ucuqGjm6CJiXA.html
Model 3 Performance - lvlocal.info/down/video/kKzZ0nmDZ3d-dqM.html
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24 mar 2020






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onespeed Pirms 7 Minūtes
15:02 dog mode is for waiting in the parking lot for your wife because she treats you like a dog.
niko Aranas
niko Aranas Pirms Stundas
titanfall 2
AdamG1983 Pirms 3 Stundām
Sure, I'll leave my dog in my $60K Tesla...
AdamG1983 Pirms 3 Stundām
"My owner will be back soon" What if the owner dies and never comes back. ;__;
AdamG1983 Pirms 4 Stundām
Relatively affordable starting at about $48,000 Whelp, 2030 me is going to get me a used one of these
Fahd Pirms 5 Stundām
20:08 JOE MAMA
Mark Bennett
Mark Bennett Pirms 23 Stundām
It seems that some of the interior characteristics look cheaply made. Does anyone own one who can address whether this is true? I have a Lexus RX 350 with a luxurious feel, and this looks like the seats came from a Honda Civic or Subaru.
Juanes Nieto
Juanes Nieto Pirms dienas
the only noise you hear is the air form outside the windshield
NothingHereToWatch Pirms dienas
Lol no one in Europe cares for crossovers and suv
Luka Boskovski
Luka Boskovski Pirms dienas
How many of you noticed what the tesla models say, before you saw it on the internet: S 3 X Y
Mxnu Pirms dienas
20:10 joe mama
THE OTTER DK Pirms dienas
nah i don't like it
Krish Vaidya
Krish Vaidya Pirms dienas
doug is the type of guy who would use the turn signals in a drag race
LA drake us
LA drake us Pirms dienas
Too bad a $40.000 model Y dont actually exist 😆
myslecinaczej Pirms dienas
No, not everybody has been waiting for a car made by a company with no attention to quality and so poor driver controls. Yet quite ugly.
kreator861 201
kreator861 201 Pirms dienas
Funny that you should mention "not Honda CRV cheap..." , because that is what I have and am looking to trade it in for one of these. 🤑🤑🤑
Robert Pirms 2 dienām
We received ours in October and it was a 2021 model at Tesla Reno and it was delivered three weeks early. Received in two weeks but Reno is not that far from Fremont CA.. We got the midnight silver. Everything worked great and we found no fit and finish issues. We stayed away from the white because of what we saw in reviews and we got the upgraded wheels and tires and the 4.2 seconds zero to 60 just because. So far perfect. We installed a high quality 500 GB SSD and that works great for loop surveillance video. Note we did not need to format the drive to FAT32, We formatted the drive completely in exFAT and that worked perfect. We named the Volume Tesla and the file needs to be TeslaCam. The car recognized the drive immediately. The WIFI was very easy to configure. Just touch the WIFI icon on the upper righthand of the screen and it will open the configure. It also came configured for 326 Mile range. We love it and it's faster in the quarter mile than my 2015 427 Z28 LOL! My wife's Tesla soccer mom car is faster than most muscle cars. CRAZY
pod360wolf Pirms 2 dienām
2020 joe Biden pls vote
ImKrowe Pirms 2 dienām
A tornado hit my city in April and my neighbor with a Model Y showed us that its sentry mode took several pictures of the tornado before striking our neighborhood!
Itz Mason-Roblox
Itz Mason-Roblox Pirms 2 dienām
How do you turn it off?
Srt _
Srt _ Pirms 3 dienām
I would rather buy used model X
Sir D
Sir D Pirms 3 dienām
Gollum driving a Tesla: my precious
Kyle Phillips
Kyle Phillips Pirms 3 dienām
There’s not enough cobalt on this earth for every motorist to drive an electric car now. So this means in 10-20 years electric cars will be a thing of the past again. Plus batteries do pollute.
The-EXpertStreet B-Racer
The-EXpertStreet B-Racer Pirms 4 dienām
Can I get it with regular metal roof? I live in a 100-120 degrees weather.
Semih Yilmaz
Semih Yilmaz Pirms 4 dienām
Does anyone know what side of the car is the charging port?
Hqck Pirms 4 dienām
Joe Mode refers to a guy named Joe who asked Elon Musk on Twitter if there was a way to make the alerts quieter so they don't wake up his kids when sleeping
Stephen Peacock
Stephen Peacock Pirms 5 dienām
Incredibly ugly
Toxic Avenger
Toxic Avenger Pirms 5 dienām
In my opinion, the cargo area storage bins are way better than cramped third row seating, and between all that and the frunk you can fit as much (if not more) that a full size gas suv
Jewalify Official
Jewalify Official Pirms 5 dienām
20:10 Joe Mama
Joe Danger Finesse
Joe Danger Finesse Pirms 5 dienām
This blue paint job looks cheap
Jules Slim
Jules Slim Pirms 5 dienām
Did he not show a frunk or did I blink?
Phillip Alv
Phillip Alv Pirms 5 dienām
Man that looks like an egg , come on that’s no suv. It’s a hatchback ugh.
Vick Villa
Vick Villa Pirms 6 dienām
Doug is the type of guy that if he got pulled over for speeding while driving a tesla, he would blame the "auto pilot mode" to avoid getting a ticket 😏👌
Pip Pipster
Pip Pipster Pirms 6 dienām
Performance word count is high on this one.
Drrck11 Pirms 6 dienām
$70k and no passenger climate controls in the back seats? Deal-breaker. 😒
Arya kumar
Arya kumar Pirms 6 dienām
model why???
ovp66223 Pirms 6 dienām
Its still a midsize sedan, not an SUV/CUV. It has less room inside than my 2003 Honda Accord for crying out loud. Hoping the Rivian SUV takes hold, but probably out of my price range sadly. Tesla has 4 models and a 5th coming soon and still nothing for me. That's probably good, as Tesla is improving with each model, hopefully wind noise will be very minimal and build quality will be above average once they actually get around to building an SUV (emphasis on Utility).
rajesh rai
rajesh rai Pirms 6 dienām
Cheap plastic on electric roller skates
DJJunBuggIQI Pirms 7 dienām
Maybe "Joe" mode is referencing "Sleepy Joe (Biden)"? I hope it wasn't a political jab.
vmgc12 Pirms 7 dienām
Doug mode. Like fart sounds but instead says "THIS!" ELON. PLEASE.
Alberto Portugal
Alberto Portugal Pirms 7 dienām
It looks like garbage
g1981c Pirms 7 dienām
excellent review. i'm sure people who are into Tesla will love it. but for me when i saw that you have to go to touch screen to open the glove box i was done LOL. i applaud Tesla for innovating more than anybody else in the industry ( it's not even close obviously ) but some of this innovation goes too far FOR ME. i want a regular key fob, i want regular door handles, i want regular opening glove box, i want a regular dash behind the wheel and so on ... then again, i'm probably just not the target customer for Tesla and if you are i'm sure you will love the car.
evan hoffman
evan hoffman Pirms 7 dienām
I’m sorry this looks like a sedan to me not a crossover
Preston Tucker
Preston Tucker Pirms 7 dienām
Average Joe
what if the was lost
Ant .S
Ant .S Pirms 8 dienām
Cool but i still cant afford it lol
Luis E
Luis E Pirms 8 dienām
Great informative video. Do you like blue instead of white?
Darkstalker Albatross
Darkstalker Albatross Pirms 8 dienām
It’s basically a Tesla model 3 with more seats
Hap Collins
Hap Collins Pirms 8 dienām
Hey Doug, why did you say you guess that bar is what the middle seat latches on to instead of just looking at it and knowing that yes it %100 is what the middle seat latches on to? Silly goose!
sNb Pirms 8 dienām
20:06 Joe Mama
EmoDro Pirms 9 dienām
Joe Mama
Xavior Perez
Xavior Perez Pirms 9 dienām
*Restrains from saying Joe Mamma*
Ronald Mominee
Ronald Mominee Pirms 9 dienām
states the model x is out of the reach of so many people and then drives a car that's $10,000 less and says it's more affordable
Rhaspun Pirms 9 dienām
Speed is an addiction. The Betty Ford Clinic might be able to help.
Hector Chomat
Hector Chomat Pirms 10 dienām
Doug great video. I am prepared for my new Model Y. I am in Miami and I hope sunroof is not an issue. I've always liked the solitude of clothed cars ceilings brings to you when driving around.
Jordan Arslan
Jordan Arslan Pirms 10 dienām
Too bad I can’t afford it.I would by it in an instant Electric all the way(for cars lambo’s,ferraris,bugatti’s ... are art in motion so gasoline is ok) Can’t wait for all cars to ho to E.
Walker Jennings
Walker Jennings Pirms 10 dienām
Honestly should people be bracing for an impact? i was alway told not to, almost like you would rather be watching a movie? im sure it pauses after impact either way..
cody mills
cody mills Pirms 10 dienām
Rafael Vizcarra
Rafael Vizcarra Pirms 10 dienām
Any one looking to use referral buying a car. Use my Tesla FREE 1,000 charging miles using my referral ts.la/rafael15887
young gull kim
young gull kim Pirms 11 dienām
Search the google. So many complaints about Quality issue that can't be easily fixed. Model Y's future is hopeless.
Aude Wilkin
Aude Wilkin Pirms 11 dienām
...or not.
Brody Harris
Brody Harris Pirms 11 dienām
I’m sorry for all the Tesla cult members, but there are more better cars at this price point than there are stars in the Milky Way...
Juan Miguel Tugas
Juan Miguel Tugas Pirms 11 dienām
*its secretly a model3*
Aaron O
Aaron O Pirms 12 dienām
Driving a quiet sports car is like having sex in silence.
The Zanzibarbarian
The Zanzibarbarian Pirms 12 dienām
Doug starts off saying that these Model Y's go for about $40k. Then Doug says the entry level "Y" is $50k, yet this model "Y" costs just under $70k And these are "affordable"!!??
Peace Pirms 12 dienām
Fugly rims...
Simon Sandberg
Simon Sandberg Pirms 12 dienām
Double t shirts? Very curious about the thought process
Lisa LaMagna
Lisa LaMagna Pirms 13 dienām
I drove this car today, it’s a delight. Clean interior. No engine noise. Fast as heck. Put my golf clubs in back. White interior for the childless and dogless. Charges quickly. Loved it.
Ristus Notta
Ristus Notta Pirms 13 dienām
"so your dog wont potentially die in the car" 😂
luke710710 Pirms 13 dienām
Quality wise it doesn't impress me much to say the least. Looks really cheap... Only the screen looks amazing.
Harry Burke
Harry Burke Pirms 13 dienām
The one i am waiting for charges it's battery's while i drive.
Tommy Maltipoo
Tommy Maltipoo Pirms 14 dienām
Tesla needs a Heads Up Display before I’d buy one
Marcus Chui
Marcus Chui Pirms 14 dienām
average Joe
Sylvia ga
Sylvia ga Pirms 14 dienām
Naaa for me
Red Sharma
Red Sharma Pirms 14 dienām
You said Tesla model y is the best Tesla but y
Federico Maisch
Federico Maisch Pirms 15 dienām
Thank you
Certainly Unknown
Certainly Unknown Pirms 15 dienām
Me : Mom, mom! Tesla made another affordable car it starts at 49k, can we buy it? Mom : What the heck? That's so expensive. Me : But Doug DeMuro said it's affordable. Mom : Are you watching more of those stupid videos form Doug DeMuro? Me : Maybe.....
yomyovi Pirms 15 dienām
We are picking ours up tomorrow, October 12.
Seth Riggle
Seth Riggle Pirms 15 dienām
Not me. Tesla is trash
ISHANT CHETTRI 9 D Pirms 15 dienām
Is this the long range model?
Reggie Rendon
Reggie Rendon Pirms 16 dienām
Wait till you drive through the flood waters. Hopefully a human being won'tt be electrocuted. Electric parts are super expensive. Tell me more.
Red or Dead
Red or Dead Pirms 16 dienām
Amazing that the Million dollar Aston Martin has a Garmin Sat Nav but for $70,000 you can buy a car that drives it's SELF!!! Emperor with no clothes i thinks!!
John S
John S Pirms 17 dienām
Can the performance /speed be restricted for a teenage driver?
kautilya21 Pirms 17 dienām
😍😍😍 I want to buy this baby. Still not available in Europe though.
Fabian Pirms 7 dienām
Just wanted to say that I live in Switzerland and never saw it here before
Josh Arias
Josh Arias Pirms 17 dienām
Vihaan Saraswat
Vihaan Saraswat Pirms 18 dienām
It is like the model 3
Jeff Sipes
Jeff Sipes Pirms 18 dienām
( ´◡‿ゝ◡`)
Anchor Logistics
Anchor Logistics Pirms 18 dienām
My exact question when I saw the car, why? I don’t think that’s how Doug meant it tho.
TheDogeMaster nuh
TheDogeMaster nuh Pirms 18 dienām
Omg i want Cambodia to have that car and there are charger station
superman superman
superman superman Pirms 19 dienām
This zzzzzzzzzzzzZzzz
Ted Kidd
Ted Kidd Pirms 20 dienām
26:52 driving the Model Y. Ho ho ho! Unbelievable-fast 30:25 highway on ramp...
Bad Bleep
Bad Bleep Pirms 20 dienām
Randy Kumpf
Randy Kumpf Pirms 20 dienām
Me: Tesla should make a vehicle that's not the same shape as the last car they made Cyber Truck: How do you like me now?
Life is Easy
Life is Easy Pirms 20 dienām
Pretty quality car. I loved seeing the brand build.
TWO OTAKU A Pirms 21 dienas
the quality control on this model is just absurd
Otis Palmer
Otis Palmer Pirms 21 dienas
No 40k
sethers775 Pirms 21 dienas
I got a new Diesel truck for 30K with 600-mile range stock... (upgraded tank aftermarket to net a 1000 mile range for a couple hundred bucks) while an EV long-range is 300 miles for over 50K. What?!
Alex Jordan
Alex Jordan Pirms 21 dienas
FORGOTTEN FEATURE!!: A TRAP ON THE FLOOR FOR EVERYONE, to propulse the car WITH YOUR FEET when running out of battery power. Like the FLINTSTONES! YEAAHH!
Eiryth Ma
Eiryth Ma Pirms 21 dienas
Can I have a tesla y too? :) ref link ts.la/xiangzhou72695
Not here No
Not here No Pirms 21 dienas
When he has auto pilot on I can see his finger on the wheel at 12:10
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